More Hospitals Are In Financial Trouble

Over the course of the past year, many hospitals have closed while just as many have expanded or opened their doors. This makes the healthcare industry seem precarious and uncertain, and it is, unfortunately, the way that things are going to be for the near future. As even more hospitals close their doors and lay off their employees, it’s clear more than ever that hospitals and healthcare clinics need to do everything in their power to ensure that their organization remains in good financial health, and that includes filing Federal ERISA appeals to get reimbursed for aged claims.


Ellwood City Medical Center

According to sources, “Ellwood City (Pa.) Medical Center shut down Dec. 10, and many of the 152 employees who lost their jobs when the hospital closed are still waiting on their paychecks, according to the Ellwood City Ledger.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, not all of their employees have been properly paid. “Some laid off employees are still owed from the Nov. 22 payday, and many other have not been paid since Dec. 6, according to the report. Hospital officials are working with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to develop a plan to pay the 152 laid off workers, Ellwood City Medical Center CEO Beverly Annarumo told the Ellwood City Ledger.”

Thankfully, the authorities are doing everything that they can. “Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is asking for the court’s help in the matter. He filed a petition Dec. 23 in Lawrence County (Pa.) Court requesting the hospital’s owner, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Americore Health, be forced to make all payments owed to employees or divest ownership and control of the facility, according to the report.”


UPMC Susquehanna Sunbury

Meanwhile, another hospital in Pennsylvania has announced its closure. “In October, the Northumberland County (Pa.) Board of Assessment denied the tax exemption request. UPMC initially challenged the decision but dropped the appeal on Dec. 24, about three weeks after announcing UPMC Susquehanna Sunbury will close in March.”

For a little back history, “Williamsport, Pa.-based UPMC Susquehanna acquired the hospital in Sunbury and another in Lock Haven, Pa., in October 2017 from Quorum Health, a for-profit hospital chain based in Brentwood, Tenn. As a nonprofit, UPMC sought an exemption from more than $371,000 in taxes for the Sunbury hospital.”

Remaining on Good Financial Ground

Although aged claims may make up a small fraction of the amounts owed by commercial health insurance companies, it’s clear that remaining firmly in the black requires good fiscal management. The best way to do this is to collect on everything, even those aged claims. If you have claims that have gone past the three state-level appeals stage and remain unpaid, contact us. We are experts in filing Federal ERISA appeals. You can call us or submit a message to our team using the “contact us” button on our website.