Case Studies

Performance Driven. After all… it’s your money.

The ERISA Recovery Process ensures every aged and uncollected dollar owed is received.

Case Study:

UnityPoint Captures Uncollected Cash

The partnership between UnityPoint & ERISA Recovery continues to grow as over $22 million in complex claims is recovered.

Case Study:

Northwestern Chicago Recovers Millions

ERISA Recovery helps Northwestern Medical recover over $8M in denials with over $14M in process & under evaluation.

Case Study:

Solutions for Impacts of COVID-19

Hospitals have been greatly impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. It is likely that hospitals can anticipate many unpaid and aged claims from 2020, due to the nature of the lag in systems and personnel recovery time.

  • Client onboarded August 2020
  • In first 120 days Erisa Recovery reclaimed more than $1.1M
  • First appeal was won in 3 weeks
  • An additional $1.2M in appeals now and $8.2M in evaluation for appeal
ERISA growth chart

Case Study:

Recovering Revenue – EMR Conversion

ERISA Recovery helped our hospital client claim up old, written-off claims pre-system conversion to recover revenue that could have been lost forever.

Don’t Lose Revenue From An EMR Conversion!

  • Recovery support your back-office while your team focuses
    on your systems EMR Conversion
  • ERISA Recovery will collect on aged and current claims
  • Structured, tiered process
  • No upfront costs and no risks
  • Contingency fee based

Case Study:

Long – Term Client Results (ERISA)

A single client recovered $6.5M in aged and uncollectible funds in 25 months. No resources needed. Contingency Based


  • 12 Months – $1,434,408
  • 17 Months – $2,720,462
  • 22 Months – $4,899,792
  • 25 Months – $6,551,887
  • $7.7M under Appeal
  • $14.8M currently being vetted
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