Short & Long-term Reimbursement

HealthCare Claim Denials

Helping organizations accelerate reimbursement, minimize denials and establish successful core practices over the entire claim cycle via clean claims.

Increase accuracy, efficiency and cost containment

ERISA Recovery Provides Highest Claims Rate

ER’s proprietary denial solution analyzes your electronic remittance file and categorizes denied charges. This combined with our expert analysis helps to increase revenue, productivity and increase the speed of reimbursement.

We help with the following claims:

  • Workers Comp
  • Medicare/Medicare
  • Med Necessity
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Excluded/Non-Covered
  • Experimental and Investigational
  • Usual, Customary and Reasonable
  • Timely Filing

Expose Trends & Uncover Hidden Problems

ER Denials Analytics solution combines the power of industry intelligence with expert services to help providers expose trends, uncover hidden problems which result in much higher reimbursement and increase productivity.

ER’s Denials Analytics groups denials into unique categories based off denial trend.

This reveals powerful analytics as well as actionable information, that when implemented results in a significant difference in reimbursement.

We Collect Where Others Can’t

ER’s Denials Analytics Solution collects where others can’t! Our process allows us to collect from aged claims and bring money back into your system.

With no upfront costs and no use of your resources, why not let ERISA Recovery work for you?