ERISA Recovery

Your experts in recovering complex and aged claims through our Federal ERISA appeals.

Appeal all commercial and Medicare/Medicaid Advantage denials

See how ERISA Recovery helped this hospital recover $6.5M

Why ERISA Recovery?

We collect where others can’t — with no upfront cost to you.

It’s simple. We ask for nothing but reports. No hospital resources. No vendor changes. We work behind your existing collections processes to identify collections opportunities no one before us has. And then we win untapped revenue for your hospital.

100% Contingency Basis

Who Is ERISA Recovery?

ERISA Recovery is a team of experts in complex and aged claims.

Using a proprietary process that combines leading-edge machine learning technology and know-how, we specialize in wielding the power of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) to collect where others can’t.


Your New Source of Hospital Revenue

We take on all types of aged, complex, and dead claims.
  • Medical necessity
  • Pre-authorization
  • Experimental
  • Excluded/non-covered
  • Investigational
  • Timely filing
  • Charges not usual (UCR)
  • Dept. of Veterans Affairs denials


First appeals filed



Start winning



$1M* in recoveries

*Figure based on average appeal size.

Federal ERISA Appeals

It’s a powerful and effective tool, but few know how to utilize it.

ERISA is a complex law. Few hospitals, if any, have the resources to devote to studying its 80,000+ pages and apply it to appeal denied claims. But we’ve spent over a decade deepening our knowledge of the law and building technology designed to apply it.