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ERISA Law and Clinical Denials

ERISA Recovery Provides Highest Clinical Denial Recovery Rate

According to Becker’s Hospital Review, clinical denials are, “denials of payment on the basis of medical necessity, length of stay or level of care.”
(Implementing an Effective Denials Management Program)

ERISA Law and Clinical Denials

In recent years insurers have increased clinical denials. Even after providers appeal, this leaves many under/unpaid claims. Claims denials management is difficult for hospitals. ERISA Recovery can appeal, even after a hard denial, for up to ten years. We can collect clinical denials that violate ERISA law. ERISA law gives the federal government the final say on whether claims are legitimate.

ERISA law is complex. It is comprised of more than 80,000 pages. Few hospitals, if any, have the resources to use it effectively. But we’ve spent over a decade deepening our knowledge of the law and building technology designed to apply it.

We Collect Where Others Can’t

ER’s Denials Analytics Solution collects where others can’t! Our process allows us to collect from clinical denial claims and bring money back into your system.

With no upfront costs and no use of your resources, why not let ERISA Recovery work for you?