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Medicare - Medicaid Reimbursements

Navigate complex cost reports for maximum reimbursement

Medicare - Medicaid cost reports are increasingly complex and their accuracy and compliance are crucial to uninterrupted and maximized reimbursements.

Medicare – Medicaid including Advantage Managed Reimbursements

ERISA Recovery is leading the industry with Medicare and Medicaid claim collections. With our staff expertise and knowledge we can assure no revenue will be uncollected.  We will increase Hospital revenue by analyzing and resolving claims denials and unbilled claim issues.

Research has proven there are Billions of Medicare and Medicaid dollars written off yearly due to lack of knowledge, billing edits, and timely denials. ERISA Recovery will make a substantial difference in your annual revenue with claims received from you prior to 60-90 days of Medicare and Medicaid deadlines.

This includes our success with Medicare and Medicaid Advantage claim denials under Federal ERISA Guidelines.