Experts in complex and aged claims through our Federal ERISA appeals

Millions In “Lost Revenue”

We collect commercial and Medicaid/Medicare Advantage claims

Northwestern Memorial’s Chief Financial Officer discusses the benefits of working with ERISA Recovery


Appeals Backed by ERISA Federal Law

Think you’ve exhausted your options to collect aged claims?

We hold commercial insurers accountable to pay denied claims aged up to 10 years through Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) appeals.

ERISA Recovery can help!

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ER Solutions

We optimize healthcare revenue like no one else can.

ERISA Appeals

ERISA Appeals

Collect commercial claims aged 6-10 years through our appeals process.

  • Gain a virtual appeals department
  • Get automated insights fast
  • No upfront costs or hospital resources
  • Win appeals just 3 weeks after filing
Claim Denials

Claim Denials

Accelerate reimbursement and minimize on all denials.

  • Workers comp
  • Medical necessity
  • Pre-authorization
  • Experimental
  • Non-covered
  • Investigational
  • Veteran’s Affairs
  • ALL other types
Medicare/Medicaid Reimbursements

Medicare — Medicaid Reimbursements

Maximize reimbursement consistency.

  • Collect denied claims
  • Enhanced accuracy and compliance
  • Uninterrupted reimbursement
  • Recapture millions usually written off

How We Recover Hospital Claims

ERISA offers untapped opportunities to optimize revenue

ERISA is a federal law protecting hospitals from illegitimate claim denials.

To leverage it, you need an expert. ERISA is a complex law spanning 80,000 pages. Hospitals lack the knowledge and resources to wield this powerful tool alone.

That’s where we come in.

Claims Image
Claims Image

We apply technology and ERISA
know‑how to recover revenue from aged commercial claims.

Our proprietary process uses advanced machine learning technology to quickly and efficiently identify denied claims we can win.

We then apply our extensive knowledge of the ERISA appeals process to recover your aged and dead claims.

Our process can be applied to all types of claims, optimizing hospital revenue like never before.

ERISA applies to nearly 77% of the marketplace, yet fewer than 0.005% of claims are appealed this way.

It’s untapped revenue. With ERISA Recovery, hospitals have a brand new way to optimize revenue across the entire claim cycle.

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Hospital Claims Recovery

Filing claims and appeals for hospital services can be extremely challenging. Despite the sheer number of employees and man-hours allocated into maintaining collections, some claims remain unpaid. These unpaid claims get written-off and are never worked again. One way to increase collections is to utilize the Federal ERISA Appeals process. Yet, despite applying to nearly 77% of the marketplace, fewer than 0.005% of claims are appealed this way.

Here at ERISA Recovery, we are the experts in Federal ERISA appeals. Through our appeals process, we can maximize recovery on old uncollectable claims. We work behind other vendors you might have, are contingency based, and can collect where others can’t. ERISA Recovery brings a wealth of knowledge and experience assisting hospitals, bridging the gap without additional stress on hospital resources.