ERISA Recovery Uses Technology To Win Back Time & Money For Cancer Centers

Without fail, the best cancer centers are focused on helping and healing. This involves ensuring their oncology patients can access lifesaving treatment(s). In order for cancer centers to provide this lifesaving treatment, they must collaborate with the health insurance market. Trouble begins when insurance providers engage in practices that delay or even deny payment of treatment costs, burdening hospitals and cancer centers with unpaid claims. These outstanding or denied claims can chip away at these healthcare centers’ bottom line and inhibit the effectiveness of the services they offer.

To help alleviate cancer centers’ burden of unnecessary costs, ERISA Recovery uses a proprietary process along with advanced technology to utilize its expertise in the ERISA law to hold commercial insurers responsible for aged claims (up to 10 years). Even if these claims have previously been denied, our team of experts can utilize our process to appeal denials.

Here are some essential ways our data mining system can provide a fresh source of revenue for cancer healthcare centers:

We save you valuable time

Most billing offices in cancer centers and hospitals do not have the time or resources to research unpaid or denied claims. As a result, these claims go unpaid, and your facility suffers. Our expert team can swiftly data mine the information we need to uncover patterns of denials and unpaid claims.

We have advanced technology

Our team of experts employs sophisticated data mining technology to follow patterns and uncover untapped revenue. This allows us to go above and beyond the capabilities of typical data mining and debt recovery programs. Our team can quickly and easily scan a massive amount of data to locate patterns of unpaid claims that other companies simply will not find.

We are experts in ERISA Law

Our experienced team uses the massive ERISA law to find loopholes to recover these unpaid, underpaid, and denied claims. The ERISA appeals process can be complicated and challenging to utilize without the input and guidance of experts. Very few hospitals and cancer centers use the ERISA appeals process because of its incredible complexity and frequent changes enacted by Congress. Our team is versed in ERISA law and can help your healthcare center get through the complex ERISA appeals process to correct underpayments and denials.

Insurance claims denials and underpayments are increasing as insurance companies make it their policy to find ways to underpay hospital and cancer center claims. Since the pandemic, these corporate policies have only increased. With over a decade in business, ERISA Recovery is ready to help hospitals and cancer centers combat these policies. We can help your cancer center overturn denied claims and recover underpaid or unpaid claims. Contact ERISA Recovery to see what our advanced technology and expert team can do for your cancer center.