Cancer Centers Face Increasing Claim Denials: ERISA Recovery Can Help

Today’s healthcare revenue landscape presents many unique challenges for medical centers. Overall, many hospitals and practices have seen expenses increase while reimbursements decline. Costly write-offs can result when providers are unable to collect on aging debts. Increasing denials and a complex, time-consuming appeals process can exacerbate these problems. Many practices do not have the financial, time, or staffing resources to pursue these appeals. Cancer centers understand these issues all too well. ERISA Recovery can help your cancer center recover claims without straining your resources.

The ERISA Recovery process utilizes the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law to work through and appeal denied claims. We know the ERISA appeals process can increase your collections and boost your revenue—yet less than 1% of claims are appealed under the ERISA law. Our experienced staff specializes in ERISA law. Our deep expertise surrounding this federal law and the appeals process can help our clients collect on aged debt without upfront costs, overburdening your existing system, or requiring any changes to your established claim recovery process.

In the last four months, ERISA Recovery has recovered over $1.8 million for cancer centers that we work with, with an additional $15 million currently under appeal. We are constantly adapting our strategies to achieve success in the appeals process. Once we have received up-to-date reporting from our clients, our expert analytics can find revenue in aged and current claims. We then use our expertise in ERISA law to appeal these claims. Our process can boost your revenue potential and increase your patient and employee satisfaction as we advocate for claims payment, allowing you to focus on running a thriving cancer center.

We utilize different strategies than other third-party claim recovery companies. By focusing on the ERISA appeals process, we aim to maximize the revenue of your cancer center through the collection of denied or aged claims. The ERISA Recovery process can help your cancer center collect on aged claims going back up to 6-10 years. We can collect on aged claims that others cannot by identifying which denials or underpayments have the potential to be collected under the ERISA appeals process.

ERISA Recovery works behind any existing claim recovery vendors you already work with. We understand the critical importance of your relationship with these third-party agencies, and we will not impede their process or interfere with their systems. It is our practice to intercede after these third-party agencies have gone through their process and exhausted their efforts to appeal a denied or aged claim. We can bridge the gap without placing any more stress on your cancer center’s resources.

Our services are 100% contingency based, meaning there is no upfront cost for your cancer center. After we have received your reports, we require minimal client collaboration, meaning your staff will not be overburdened with additional work. With zero upfront investment, it is worthwhile for your cancer center to explore what ERISA Recovery can do to get your financials back on track.